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Case of Cheng Guangcheng

Name: Chen Guangcheng

Date of Birth: November 12, 1971

Hometown: Yinan, Shandong Province

Occupation: Human Rights Lawyer

Condition: Blind, House arrest, Incommunicado


Brief introduction of Cheng Guangcheng:

Mr. CHEN Guangcheng lost his sight in both eyes as an infant. Despite his handicap, Chen went to school in his village and received an education. Later, he managed to educate him self in legal matters, and as a young adult began to take cases contesting local implementation of forced abortions by the One-Child-Policy. His activities did not escape the attention of local authorities, who began to harass and intimidate him.

Time-line of Chen Guangcheng’s Case:

2005: Chen investigated incidents of forced abortions and forced sterilizations by Linyi Municipal Authorities. He revealed his findings and documentations of of late-term abortions and forced sterilizations to the media.

09/2005 – 03/2006: Chen was put under house arrest.

03/2006 – 06/2006: Chen was taken away  by authorities from his house and was not heard of till June, 2006.

06/2006: he turned up in prison and was formally acknowledged as ‘criminally detained.’

08/2006: The people’s court of Yinan County sentenced Chen Guangcheng to four years and three months of imprisonment for intentional destruction of public property and assembly to obstruct traffic. His lawyers were all detained by the policy prior to the trial.

08/2006-09/2010: Chen served 4 years prison. Meanwhile, his wife was under house arrest. On an average day, there could be 20 thugs guarding her house. Foreign reporters and other human rights defenders who come to visit would be physically beaten away.

09/2010: Chen was released from prison and returned home in Yinan. However, house arrest continued to today. It is unknown that whether Chen and his wife are still alive.

Individual Responsible for Chen Guangcheng’s Prosecution

In addition, Initiatives for China has identified the party official who may be the most responsible for the suffering of the Chen family.  That official is Li Qun of the, who prosecuted Chen Guangcheng’s activities in Linyi. Initiatives for China has asked the State Department to unequivocally and irrevocably deny any attempts by Li Qun to secure a visa to enter the United States.

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