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The Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice Awards Front Line Grant to Initiatives for China

September 13, 2010 – The Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice has awarded a 2010 Front Line grant to the Boston-based democracy movement, Initiatives for China. The Front Line Fund was established to aid “brave individuals and groups around the world who are on the front lines of the human rights struggles that so often take place out of the public spotlight.” Through this grant, the Lantos Foundation “recognizes and supports the work of Initiatives for China for empowering Chinese citizens in their struggle for a peaceful transition to the rule of law and democracy in China” said Annette Lantos, Chair of the Lantos Foundation and wife of the late Congressman, Tom Lantos, for whom the Foundation is named.

In accepting the grant, Initiatives for China president, Dr. Yang Jianli, expressed his appreciation to the Lantos Foundation: “Congressman Lantos was a great moral center of gravity in the halls of Congress and in the conduct of foreign affairs. We will use this grant to aid my countrymen whose words and ideas advance the struggle for freedom and justice in China.”

According to Initiatives for China Director, Jim Geheran, the Front Line grant will be specifically targeted to support prisoners of conscience and their families. “For democracy to progress in China, we must help those leaders whose vision articulate the path forward and keep the dream alive for all the citizens of China,” he stated. Under the theme of “I am Liu Xianbin,” Initiatives for China is advancing a grass roots campaign to send a clear message to the Chinese government that its assault on Chinese intellectuals is an assault on all Chinese citizens and freedom lovers around the world. Most recently, Initiatives for China coordinated a one day worldwide hunger strike in support of Liu Xianbin, a popular writer and avid democracy advocate, who was arrested in June for his writings on democracy.

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