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Guo Wengui’s Press Conference on Chinese Kleptocracy


DATE: October 4, 2017

CONTACT: Glen Zhang

(cell) 240-467-6986


Guo Wengui’s Press Conference on Chinese Kleptocracy


Hudson Institute’s cancellation of his first public appearance

Chinese businessman turned whistleblower Guo Wengui, a.k.a Miles Kwok, will hold his first-ever press conference in the U.S. on the high-level corruption in the Chinese Communist regime and its implications for the upcoming 19th Party Congress, as well as the threat China’s kleptocracy poses to the United States and its allies.

Mr. Guo will also discuss the Hudson Institute’s last- minute cancellation of its event ” A Conversation With Guo Wengui,” which would have been his first live public appearance in the United States, scheduled for October 4 at 10 am.


WHO: Guo Wengui

WHERE:  National Press Club   529 14 St. NW, Washington, DC 20045

WHAT: Chinese Kleptocracy and Its Threat to the United States

WHEN: October 5th, 2017, 9:00-11:00 am

RSVP: Please email for rsvp link.


The New York Times described corruption allegations made by Mr. Guo against senior Party officials as “the biggest political story in China this year.” In a recent Washington Times article, Mr. Guo described his revelations as an effort to “expose the leviathan Chinese Mafia state, the most corrupt, tyrannical and brutal state on earth, bar North Korea, a state some of whose leaders systematically have stolen trillions of dollars of the Chinese people’s wealth.”

Joining this press conference will be Bill Gertz, Senior Editor at The Washington Free Beacon, National Security Columnist at The Washington Times, and author of The China Threat: How the People’s Republic Targets America.

For security reasons, attendance is by invitation only; please bring your ID.


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