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IFC  Launches Chinese Citizen-Power TV

After months of preparation, Initiatives for China/Citizen Power for China (IFC) is launching an online TV channel called Citizen-Power TV (CPTV)  (
The debut of CPTV includes three programs: Say What’s On Your Mind, Say What You See, and Citizen Laugh Show. Other than these three episodes produced by IFC, we also seek contributions from viewers. Our Editorial Board will review videos submitted to IFC and after the Board’s approval, the videos will be edited by our technicians and release to online CPTV and Yibao Online Magazine ( for broad audiences.
Say What’s On Your Mind mainly focuses on the citizens’ comments and analysis of current affairs, historic events and people. This includes but not limited to the topics of politics, economics, culture, society, science, military, diplomacy, arts and literature etc.
Say What You See highlights news and events reported by our citizen journalists. This program covers the struggle of defending human rights in China as well as the corruptions and abuse of power by the Chinese government officials.
Citizen Laugh Show will be a collection of sitcoms and sarcastic comedies and humors on the Chinese oligarchy.
We will solicit videos for these three programs, and each video made should be about 3 to 5 minutes long.
Video Submission:
1. The video submitted has to be made by the sender, and should not infringe others’ copyrights.
2. Upload your video to or other cloud services.
3. Send the link to Please also include video-maker’s name and contact.
The debut episodes that the IFC team has made include the following:
Say What’s on Your Mind – The Tank Man I Know
By: Dr. Han Lianchao
Say What You See – Evidence of Abuse of Power in Qingdao, Shandong
By: Jie Mu
Citizen Laugh Show – The Five Generations of CCP Leadership
By: Dr. Yang Jianli
The design of the CPTV logo is a combination of both four English letters of CPTV and two Chinese characters 公民 (citizen). The logo also resembles a camera lens, an eye, or open mouth, all of which symbolize CPTV is for citizens to watch and for citizens to speak out.
Citizen-Power TV is an online channel based on the concept of grass-root citizen journalism. We welcome all citizens to participate!
Initiatives for China/Citizen Power for China
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