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David Cameron: Press Chinese President to free 16 year old boy under house arrest #freeBao

David Cameron: Press Chinese President to free 
16 year old boy under house arrest #freeBao
On Monday Chinese President Xi Jinping will be sipping tea at Downing Street with David Cameron. 16-year old Bao Zhuoxuan can’t even go to school. He is currently under house arrest by President Xi’s government. His only crime is his relation to Wang Yu, his mother, a Chinese human rights lawyer.
Wang Yu, who represented Chinese feminists jailed this spring, has been detained along with more than 200 lawyers, legal aides and activists. In July, Bao and his father went to the Beijing airport to board a flight for Australia where he was to attend middle school. Suddenly,
 plainclothes security agents dragged them from the security line and threw them into separate vans. Last week, Bao was snatched by uniformed men at a Myanmar border town as he tried to escape to the United States, and was then taken to his grandparent’s home in northern China. Police forbid him to leave.
David Cameron has the chance to press for the release of 16-year old Bao when he meets with President Xi, as does Her Majesty, who will be hosting him at Buckingham Palace during his stay.
Whenever British politicians wine and dine politicians from  China  they vaguely suggest that “human rights were discussed.” This time must be different: We call on the Prime Minister to publish, verbatim, his questions on Bao’s case and human rights abuses in China, and President Xi’s response.
Transparency from Government is nearly impossible in China. It doesn’t have to be in the UK. We can help free this innocent boy so that he can have as bright a future as any teenager.
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