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Hong Kong Legislature’s Rejection of Beijing-backed Chief Executive Election Plan

Initiatives for China/Citizen Power for China statement on 

Legislature Council’s Rejection of Beijing-Backed 

Chief Executive Election Plan for Hong Kong

For immediate release, June 18, 2015

Initiatives for China/Citizen Power for China has noticed the overall joy over the rejection of Beijing-backed chief executive election plan at Hong Kong Legislature Council with 28 votes against it, while only 8 in favor. This means a defeat of the fake election vetted by Communist Party-run National People’s Congress that issued this guideline on August 31, 2014.

Such a overwhelming rejection sent a clear signal of the majority of Hong Kong residents against it, rather than what the Communist regime called a marginal failure by a small number of legislators. We want to express our firm support to such a rejection in defiance of the Communist Party-controlled political show.

In the meantime, we notices some pro-Beijing legislators left amid voting process, with nearly half absence. It had barely enough number of votes to avoid a delay in the voting process per procedure. These groups of pro-Beijing members practiced such voting strategy to reflect the political reality under the control of Beijing Central Government. The remaining 8 voted members who are pro-Communist regime insist on casting their votes, making the procedure legitimate, fait accompli before the world. We cannot rule out the possibility that these pro-Beijing members followed their hearts rather than orders from Beijing at that historical moment. This episode indicates the challenging playout by Beijing regime. Behind this political drama shows Beijing’s superficial courtesy to legislature members while trying its best to command the politics of Hong Kong. Beijing’s political games to block Hong Kong’s democracy have gained nothing but resentment from Hong Kong people and their representatives at the Legislature Council.

On the mainland, official media at all levels have carried a timely and broad coverage of the voting results, to the surprise of many observers. This unusual number of coverage of the state-run media in China made us worry that Beijing had purposely allowed the results to be carried out, leaving enough political space to maneuver counter-attacks. Now we are concerned about the uncertainties facing Hong Kong after Beijing-vetted election plan got killed. We all know the encroachment of the Communist regime in Hong Kong, in increasingly high-profile, even, without any concerns over international reactions. We want to call the attention of all democracy supporters to join efforts safeguarding the bright future of Hong Kong.

We have every reason to believe that defeat of the Beijing-vetted election plan is a natural result of the protesters efforts in the past year, which demand real democracy and universal voting. This marks the first time since 1949, one local legislature has rejected a resolution of the national people’s congress. This achievement is what Hong Kong residents deserve and have won our great respect. We want to congratulate all those pro-democracy members and alliance, legislators and residents.

The rejection of Beijing-vetted election plan does not mean the end of democracy movement in Hong Kong, rather it is a new beginning. We are confident real democracy and universal voting will come true in Hong Kong, and so will be on the mainland in the future.

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