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CP/IFC Statement On New Clue About Tiananmen Tank Man

Posted on Jul 21, 2017 in News, Publications, Tiananmen Massacre to Memory of the World Register, Two Tank Men | Comments Off on CP/IFC Statement On New Clue About Tiananmen Tank Man

Is the Tank Man is still alive? According to a report yesterday from Hong Kong-based newspaper Apple Daily, the young Chinese man who single-handedly blocked a long column of the Chinese military’s tanks on Chang’an Avenue during the Tiananmen Massacre in 1989 is still in prison. His real name is Zhang Weimin, and he was imprisoned twice after the Tiananmen Massacre. For years, the Tank Man’s whereabouts remained a mystery. Citizen Power, a.k.a. Initiatives for China (CP/IFC) is highly concerned about this new clue. The Tank Man’s photo, one of the most influential images of all time, inscribed his heroic act into history. The image continues to stand as a symbol for one individual’s defiance of state violence. For twenty-eight years, the whole world has been asking where the Tank Man is, but there have never been any reliable clues – he has never been...

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