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IFC/CP Statement on Liu Xiaobo’s Passing

Posted on Jul 13, 2017 in Highlights, House Arrest of Liu Xia, Liu Xiaobo's Case, News, Prisoners of Conscience, Publications | Comments Off on IFC/CP Statement on Liu Xiaobo’s Passing

The news of Liu Xiaobo’s passing makes our hearts ache. We weep for the loss of a visionary leader, heroic freedom fighter, uncompromising colleague, dear friend and loving brother. To Liu Xiaobo’s devoted wife Liu Xiao, we offer our deepest condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with her. Liu Xia has accompanied her husband to the end of his journey and her love for Liu Xiaobo overcame all the unbearable suffering that she and her extended family sustained. We salute Liu Xia for her sacrifices and courage, and urge her to be strong and to carry on Xiaobo’s legacy. We believe the Chinese Communist regime is responsible for Liu Xiaobo’s death because it never allowed him early diagnosis and proper treatment, and denied his wish to seek medical treatment abroad. We vow to hold the Chinese regime and those individuals who mistreated Liu Xiaobo accountable. The tragedy of Liu Xiaobo is not...

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