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Dr. Yang Jianli’s Speech at “Remembering The Legacy Of Liu Xiaobo”

Posted on Jul 18, 2017 in Global Efforts, House Arrest of Liu Xia, Liu Xiaobo's Case, News, Publications | Comments Off on Dr. Yang Jianli’s Speech at “Remembering The Legacy Of Liu Xiaobo”

Dr. Yang Jianli’s Speech at “Remembering The Legacy Of Liu Xiaobo” Hosted by Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Monday, July 17th, 2017 at Victims of Communism Memorial Tonight we mourn the tragic passing of Liu Xiaobo, a great loss to the people of China, indeed, to the entire humanity. Liu Xiaobo was not only the best known freedom and democracy fighter of China, but, in life as well as in death, he represents the best of what China can ever be. In April 1989, when the Tiananmen democracy movement just broke out, he returned to Beijing from New York and became the most important intellectual leader of the movement. After the Tiananmen Massacre, he shouldered both moral and political responsibilities and continued to fight from inside China while many others left the country and even abandoned the movement. He was...

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“Red Notices” for Human Rights Abusers

Posted on Jun 23, 2017 in Global Efforts, InterEthnic InterFaith Leadership Conference, International Relations, Op Ed, Publications | Comments Off on “Red Notices” for Human Rights Abusers

“Red Notices” for Human Rights Abusers by YANG Jianli Interpol, the intergovernmental organization that facilitates police cooperation among member states, often issues red notices to alert its members to locate and arrest wanted persons with the aim of extradition or similar lawful action.  Interpol’s mission is guided by the principle of neutrality and Article 3 of its Constitution forbids the organization involved in any political activities. However, authoritarian governments have increasingly used this process to target activists and journalists who are critical of the regime, and located outside the country. The governments’ aim is not only to secure their return to face trial on trumped-up charges, but also discredit and intimidate them, thereby damaging their reputation and harming their professional and possible business interests. When Guo Wengui, a Chinese businessman-turned-whistleblower, began to reveal information about corruption among China’s top leadership, Interpol, –whose current...

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An Open Letter To Pope Francis On China

Posted on Nov 9, 2016 in Global Efforts, News, Religious Freedom | Comments Off on An Open Letter To Pope Francis On China

Benedict Rogers Human rights activist, writer and Conservative candidate Source: Dear Holy Father, Like every true Catholic in the world, I love you and respect your authority as the Successor of St Peter. Like a great many people in the world, well beyond the Catholic Church, I recognise the beautiful message you, as Pope Francis, bring to the world. And as a new Catholic who came into the Church little over ten days after your election to the papacy, my Catholic faith is inspired and intertwined with your pontificate. I became a Catholic on Palm Sunday, 2013, received into the Church by Burma’s first-ever Cardinal Charles Maung Bo. Although I am British, I became a Catholic in an Asian country emerging from dictatorship, inspired by a Church that has endured decades of persecution. I have also lived in China and...

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Washington Post Opinions: Donald Trump defends the world’s bullies

Posted on Mar 19, 2016 in Global Efforts, Highlights, International Relations, News, Op Ed | Comments Off on Washington Post Opinions: Donald Trump defends the world’s bullies

By Yang Jianli, Fang Zheng and Zhou Fengsuo March 18 at 7:18 PM Yang Jianli is founder and president of Initiatives for China. Fang Zheng is president of Chinese Democracy Education Foundation. Zhou Fengsuo is founder of Humanitarian China. By now, many people who remain haunted by the horrific slaughter of protesters in 1989 in Tiananmen Square have expressed shock and disgust at Donald Trump’s outrageous characterization of that tragic event. During the March 10 Republican presidential debate, Trump said that it was “a strong, powerful government that [reacted] with strength. And then they kept down the riot.” Though he hastened to add that he wasn’t “endorsing” the crackdown, it was too late: In one breath, he both smeared the students’ peaceful protest as a “riot” and characterized their murder as an illustration of “strong” leadership. Even Trump’s most outlandish and crudest previous exclamations did...

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Seven Rights Groups Launch the 2016 Solidarity Sabbath to Freedom of Religion

Posted on Mar 14, 2016 in Global Efforts, News, Rule of Law in China | Comments Off on Seven Rights Groups Launch the 2016 Solidarity Sabbath to Freedom of Religion

Led by the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights & Justice,  seven human rights groups including Initiatives for China/Citizen Power for China, launched the 2016 Solidarity Sabbath to Freedom of Religion last week to highlight the strength and bravery of Chinese citizens who courageously live out their faith despite threats of harassment, imprisonment, and even torture by the ruling Communist Party.   On the weekend of May 20-22, 2016, religious and spiritual communities around the world will join together in the 2016 Solidarity Sabbath. Freedom of religion, conscience, and belief is a vital human rights issue for all global citizens, and you have a chance to help highlight the plight of the millions of Chinese denied this basic entitlement. There are a number of ways in which you can join the Solidarity Sabbath’s efforts in China for...

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Will Obama dump dissidents for baseball in Cuba?

Posted on Mar 8, 2016 in Global Efforts, International Relations, News | Comments Off on Will Obama dump dissidents for baseball in Cuba?

Will Obama dump dissidents for baseball in Cuba? By Editorial Board March 7 at 8:07 PM   THE WHITE House is said to be thrilled that President Obama will attend a baseball game when he visits Cuba two weeks from now: The matchup between the Tampa Bay Rays and a Cuban team will provide a splashy exhibition of the warming relations with the Castro regime. There’s still no word, however, about a promised presidential meeting with Cuban dissidents, the brave women and men whose fight for democratic freedoms in one of the world’s most repressive countries is less glamorous – and more dangerous – than Major League Baseball. So let’s be clear: Notwithstanding Mr. Obama’s expectation that Cuba will “be fun,” his visit will be an ignoble failure if he does not have a meaningful encounter with the island’s most important human rights activists. The...

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Release Liu Xiaobo On Human Rights Day

Posted on Dec 10, 2015 in Global Efforts, Highlights, House Arrest of Liu Xia, Liu Xiaobo's Case, News, Prisoners of Conscience, Rule of Law in China | Comments Off on Release Liu Xiaobo On Human Rights Day

  December 9, 2015 Rep. Chris Smith   On the eve of Human Rights Day, we gather here because China is in a race to the bottom with North Korea for the title of world’s worst violators of human rights.  The hope that an economically prosperous and “rising China” would embrace political reform and human rights has been completely destroyed.  It is time for a new approach.   Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo remains in prison and his wife Liu Xia remains detained and isolated in conditions of arbitrary detention.   We are here today because private diplomatic efforts have not lead to Liu Xiaobo’s release.  We are here to ask that President Obama, and other world leaders, renew efforts to, publically and privately, seek their release.   For the past five years, we have called on China...

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