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Human Rights Groups Launch UN Action Project

Posted on Mar 6, 2012 in 2010 International Hunger Strike, Buddhist, Challenge China's Membership to UN Human Rights Council, Charter 08, Chen Guangcheng, Christian, Falun Gong, Forced Eviction, Highlights, International Relations, Liu Xiaobo's Case, Mongolia, News, Prisoners of Conscience, Publications, Religious Freedom, Rule of Law in China, Sparrow Initiative, Tibet, Topics, Uyghur | Comments Off on Human Rights Groups Launch UN Action Project

Initiatives for China, International Campaign for Tibet, the Uyghur American Association, Southern Mongolian Human Rights Center, and International Uyghur Human Rights and Democracy Foundation announce the launch of their UN Action Project, a strategic initiative focused against China’s membership on the United Nations Human Rights Council. Together, these organizations will conduct activities designed to (1) increase awareness of China’s complete lack of accountability with regards to the human rights of its citizens, and (2) to defeat China’s bid in 2013 for another three-year term on the Council. The UN Human Rights Council is regarded as the pre-eminent body for the protection and advancement of human rights worldwide. Conversely, China is recognized by all as a country that routinely denies its citizens their basic rights to freedom of speech, assembly, religion, and property; viciously persecutes religious and ethnic minorities; and ‘re-educates’...

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International Hunger Strike Announced In Support of Chinese Writer and Democracy Activist

Posted on Aug 20, 2010 in 2010 International Hunger Strike, Charter 08, Forced Eviction, Liu Xiaobo's Case, News, Prisoners of Conscience, Rule of Law in China | Comments Off on International Hunger Strike Announced In Support of Chinese Writer and Democracy Activist

In Washington, D.C., Initiatives for China President, Yang Jianli, will hold hunger strike at the Victims of Communism Memorial on Massachusetts Avenue.  9:00am -5:00pm Victims of Communism Memorial 707 New Jersey Ave NW Washington, District of Columbia 20001 (4 blocks west of Union Station on east bound side of Mass. Ave.)   Washington, D.C. August 20,  2010–  Outraged by the arrest of popular Chinese intellectual Liu Xianbin, democracy activists in major cities around the world will hold hunger strikes on Tuesday, August 24 in a show of solidarity with Liu and to appeal to the conscience of the world about the Chinese government’s crackdown on China’s intellectual community.   Under the mantra of “I am Liu Xianbin” dissidents will hold hunger strikes in front of Chinese consulates in Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, Berlin, Bangkok, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Ottawa,...

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